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The Characters:

Avner Ronen

Twitter: @avneron
Location: New York, NY
spend my days working on boxee, spend my nights dreaming of boxee

Nancy Scola

Twitter: @nancyscola
Location: Brooklyn, USA
Chronicler of disruption. Journalist covering tech/politics/other. Also deeply into: sharks, parks, NYC.

Agent Derek

Twitter: @agent3012
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
@GeekSquad Online Support Agent, Badge Number Thirty-Twelve. I love talking about technology!


Twitter: @autismspeaks
Location: New York City
Our goal is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. Visit us at or call our ART at 888-288-4762

Supernanny dot com

Twitter: @supernanny_com
Tried and tested parenting advice, supernanny casting info and tips on sleep, behavior, reward charts and having a happy household! @TheManInShed

John Bell

Twitter: @jbell99
Location: DC & NYC
I run Social@Ogilvy, Ogilvy's global social media and business solutions practice

Kathleen Hessert

Twitter: @kathleenhessert

Yoni Bloch

Twitter: @yonibloch

Jeffrey Sass

Twitter: @sass

Steve Garfield

Twitter: @stevegarfield

Fabien Cousteau

Twitter: @FCousteau

Eric Sheninger

Twitter: @NMHS_Principal

Shelly Palmer

Twitter: @shelly_palmer

Jeff Newelt

Twitter: @JahFurry

Rick Borutta

Twitter: @CBSborutta


Twitter: @todayshow

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Twitter: @JeffreyHayzlett

U.S. Air Force

Twitter: @usairforce

Peter Corbett ✈

Twitter: @corbett3000

C.C. Chapman

Twitter: @cc_chapman

Noush Skaugen

Twitter: @noushskaugen

Jacob Soboroff

Twitter: @jacobsoboroff

Corvida Raven

Twitter: @corvida


Twitter: @AndreaSyrtash

Stephanie Aaronson G

Twitter: @SAGalluch

Best Buy Danvers

Twitter: @BestBuyDanvers

andy dixon

Twitter: @andydixn

Joe Trippi

Twitter: @JoeTrippi


Twitter: @MCHammer

Dennis Crowley

Twitter: @dens

Scott Heiferman

Twitter: @heif

John Kremer

Twitter: @JohnKremer

Imal Wagner

Twitter: @imalwagner

Megan A. Bourne

Twitter: @MeganABourne

Jay Rosen

Twitter: @jayrosen_nyu


Twitter: @adventuregirl

Chris Weingarten

Dave Winer ☮

Twitter: @davewiner

Taz Solutions

Twitter: @tazsolutions

Ted Cohen

Twitter: @spinaltap

Bijan Sabet

Twitter: @bijan

Jeff Keni Pulver

Twitter: @jeffpulver

Jessica Gottlieb

Twitter: @JessicaGottlieb

Hangin' Out w/ Kosha

Twitter: @koshadillz

Gavin Purcell

Twitter: @gavinpurcell

Ron Hogan

Twitter: @RonHogan

Hank Wasiak

Twitter: @hankwasiak

Bill Hankes

Twitter: @bhankes

Andy Carvin

Twitter: @acarvin

Jennifer Preston

Twitter: @NYT_JenPreston

Melissa Leon

Twitter: @melissaleon

Micah Baldwin

Twitter: @micah

Joe Randazzo

Twitter: @Randazzoj

Julie Spira

Twitter: @JulieSpira

Steven W. Anderson

Twitter: @web20classroom

Jeff Jarvis

Twitter: @jeffjarvis

Jonathan Galarneau

Twitter: @Jonathan


Twitter: @Parentella

Eric Stegemann

Twitter: @EricStegemann

Jonathan Mildenhall

Twitter: @Mildenhall

Dennis Allen

Twitter: @dennis_allen

Ted Rubin

Twitter: @tedrubin

Steve Grove

Twitter: @grove

Rita J. King

Twitter: @RitaJKing

Grace Bonney

Twitter: @designsponge

Johnson & Johnson

Twitter: @JNJComm

Sarah Cooley

Twitter: @sarahcooley


Twitter: @redshane

Ryan Leslie

Twitter: @ryanleslie

John Borthwick

Twitter: @JohnBorthwick

Matthew Ebel

Twitter: @matthewebel

Sean Suchter

Twitter: @ssuchter

Dr. Alice Wilder

Twitter: @alicewilder

Michael Ian Black

Twitter: @michaelianblack

Jyl Johnson Pattee

Twitter: @jylmomIF

Lisa Cohen

Twitter: @cohills

Syd Schwartz

Twitter: @sydster

People StyleWatch

Twitter: @StyleWatchMag

Nick Bilton

Twitter: @nickbilton

Jonathan Maberry

Twitter: @JonathanMaberry

Pat Kiernan

Twitter: @patkiernan

Caressa Cameron

Twitter: @MAOTravels

David All

Twitter: @DavidAll

Brad Hunstable

Twitter: @bhunstable

jonathan daniel

Twitter: @jdloveless

Shira Abel

Twitter: @shiraabel


Twitter: @geogeller

Jerry Paffendorf

Twitter: @WELLO


Twitter: @bravomadre


Twitter: @babybites

Scott Gutterman

Twitter: @PGATOUR_EP


Twitter: @Mazi

Jonathan Markwell

Twitter: @jot

Fred Fishkin

Twitter: @ffishkin

Donny Deutsch

Twitter: @Donny_Deutsch

Ricky Engelberg

Twitter: @rje7

Whit Jones

Twitter: @whitjones

Don Lafferty

Twitter: @donlafferty

Matt Pinfield

Twitter: @mattpinfield

Angela Shelton

Twitter: @angelashelton

Gary Vaynerchuk

Twitter: @garyvee

babs rangaiah

Twitter: @babs26

Tobias Reincke

Twitter: @RealTweeter

dada rocks

Twitter: @dada_rocks

Kyle Pace

Twitter: @kylepace

Craig Engler

Twitter: @Syfy

Elon James White

Twitter: @elonjames

matthew bishop

Twitter: @mattbish

Nathan ♞ Levinson

Twitter: @N8theSk8

Kodak CB J Cisney

Twitter: @kodakCB

Maya Sabot Paveza

Twitter: @mayaREguru

Jeff Haley

Twitter: @haleymedia

Tish Shute

Twitter: @TishShute

Josh Williams

Twitter: @jw

Tal Givoly

Twitter: @givoly

Chris Lehmann

Twitter: @chrislehmann

Kelly Sutton

Twitter: @KellySutton

Kevin Jarrett

Twitter: @kjarrett

Y! Developer Network

Twitter: @ydn


Twitter: @CNN

Peter Gregson

Twitter: @petergregson

jeffrey merrihue

Twitter: @JeffreyMerrihue

Liza Sabater

Twitter: @blogdiva

Ryan Ballengee

Twitter: @waggleroom


Twitter: @InsideDVF


Twitter: @LynnRose

IDF in Haiti

Twitter: @IDFinHaiti

Natalie Gulbis

Twitter: @natalie_gulbis

Xavier Jernigan

Twitter: @XavierJernigan

Michael Kupperman

Twitter: @MKupperman


Twitter: @InStyle


Twitter: @myrealitytv

Debra Bowen

Twitter: @DBowen

abc carpet and home

Twitter: @ABC_Carpet

Bob (Robert) Watson

Twitter: @TopBrokerOC

david carr

Twitter: @carr2n

Jim Jones

Twitter: @jimjonescapo

Stacey Monk

Twitter: @StaceyMonk

Caissie St.Onge

Twitter: @Caissie

Stowe Boyd

Twitter: @stoweboyd

joshua fouts

Twitter: @josholalia

American Express

Twitter: @AmericanExpress

Paul Rieckhoff

Twitter: @PaulRieckhoff

New York Dad

Twitter: @NewYorkDad

Tweet Your Prayers

Twitter: @TheKotel

Ann Curry

Twitter: @AnnCurry

Diane Guercio

Twitter: @HeyAmaretto

Malaria Envoy

Twitter: @Malaria_Envoy


Twitter: @someecards

Mary Beth Hertz

Twitter: @mbteach

Alexis Maybank

Twitter: @giltfounder

Natalie (Lent) Bruss

Twitter: @natalielent

Ryan Penagos

Twitter: @Agent_M

Lauren Litwinka

Twitter: @beebow

Dan Harple

Twitter: @dharple

Leslie Hall

Twitter: @dollyhall